ST. FRANCIS AUDIOLOGICAL DAY CARE CENTER,INC. (SFADCCI) was the former name of ST. FRANCIS OUTREACH DEAF CENTER when it became a school. When SFADCCI expanded its service and affiliated with VSA ARTS PHILIPPINES, INC., it acquired the current school name; ST. FRANCIS SCHOOL – VSA ARTS PHILIPPINES, INC. (SFS-VSAP). The school was officially established in 1996 in Novaliches, Quezon City through the assistance of Japan

Course Offerings

Vision – Mission

VISION: St. Francis School – VSA Arts Philippines, Inc. is the PRIME INSTITUTION where values, speech and language skills of the children are highly developed and established. It is a PREMIER EDUCATIONAL GROUND that enables the special children community to COMMUNICATE, LISTEN and INTERACT among its peers and experience the mainstream world.

MISSION: St. Francis School – VSA Arts Philippines, Inc. aims to uphold the security and welfare of the children with and without special needs through a HIGH QUALITY EDUCATION that will further develop the values and skills of its students. It is focused on the cultivation of various approaches, primarily on speech and language development, with the mutual aid and collaboration of the parents teachers and other professionals willing to provide service to our clientele. Its programs are directed towards the DETECTION, PREVENTION and INTERVENTION of deafness.

The School

At St. Francis School – VSA Arts Philippines, Inc. we focus on the individual child to help him or her flourish academically and socially using tested academic curriculum and through small class sizes. Our graduates go on to such top high schools as Ateneo, International School, Brent, Lourdes and St. Benilde. In addition, the school offers parents an affordable option for an integrated curriculum for their children that sets the foundation for life-long learning. To help children transition from dependent to independent learners, teachers emphasize the development of sound work habits, personal responsibilities, study skills, self reliance, discipline and time management. These skills contribute to confident and successful students from K to 12


137 Kapiligan St., Brgy. Doña Imelda North Subdivision, Quezon City.

Telephone Numbers: (632) 4141466 / (632) 7123731

Email: sfs_vsap@hotmail.com / FB: sfs_vsap@hotmail.com